In news that will likely delight every severe sweet tooth in the country, Streets have released a limited edition, marshmallow-flavoured Cornetto into your local servo chest freezers. The UniCornetto is here, in all its sugar high-inducing glory.

Conjured up by the dessert wizards, the UniCornetto is pinned to be the most-Instagrammable ice cream in the range, which is pretty fair considering it has a pink cone and looks to be about five seconds away from being covered in edible glitter and rainbows.

I’m actually surprised it doesn’t play a twinkly music box version of ‘Sugar, Sugar‘ by The Archies as soon as you unwrap it.

You gotta admit, it looks like an extreme sugar high encased in a waffle cone, doesn’t it.

Now I’m not too sure if the Cornetto Trilogy would be tucking into a UniCornetto anytime soon, unless the next Edgar Wright dark comedy revolves around Simon Pegg and Nick Frost being undercover as childrens entertainers or something, but it’s a gift unto our tastebuds nonetheless.

Arguably very sweet and probably going to send you into warp speed if you eat it too early in the day, the marshmallow-flavoured cones can be picked up from your local servo and convenience store for a tidy $4.

Not sure if I wanna go for it though, my dentist already fucking hates me and I don’t want to make that relationship worse.

Treat yourself if you dare; it’s a Friday, the sun’s out, and you deserve to do everything at top speed today.

Just absolutely be this baby this afternoon.