State Of Origin is kicking off tonight in Townsville, and the stadium that’s playing host this year has been getting all the essentials in bulk, including the Queensland sipper of choice – Bundaberg Rum.

Sure, you’d be right to think that a footy stadium would prep itself with endless trays of meat pies, buckets of sauce, and thousands of kegs of beer, but the north Queensland city has also apparently shipped in 500L of the golden nectar to prepare for tonight’s match.

That’s a hell of a lot of black rats being slung out at the game, I tell ya what.

As per the Herald Sun, the Queensland Country Bank Stadium staff have been working round the clock over the last few days to get everything sorted and ready for the sold out Blues and Maroons clash tonight, with Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk noting this will be the biggest sporting event Townsville has ever seen.

Clearly the only way to celebrate that huge win for the home of the North Queensland Cowboys is enough sugarcane champagne to flood the footy sheds.

I hate to suggest such a thing but are we sure that’s enough fight juice for an entire stadium of NRL fans who have packed out the whole of Townsville to watch big fellas with no necks crash into each other like some kind of overly muscular ballet? I’d hazard a guess that aside from drinking the fridges dry of Milton mangoes (or XXXX to anyone outside the state lines) the Bundaberg Rum stocks might just be drained dry by the time the 80th minute is clocked.

As long as nobody invited Bob Katter in for the game, because there definitely isn’t enough milk in the stadium to satiate his truly deranged preference for milk and rum. Foul beverage, that. Just real rotten.

State Of Origin Game 1 kicks off tonight from 8:10pm local time in QLD and NSW on Channel Nine.

Image: YouTube