Some Absolute Legend Proposed Today Via The Immortal Medium Of The HSP

The defining cuisine of our era, the halal snack pack, has proven once again why it’s such a cultural cornerstone: it’s so versatile a food item, you can even use it to propose marriage. 
Which is exactly what one punter of Mavi Fish, Chips and Kebabs did today. In a sterling bit of romantic subterfuge, the unnamed bloke conspired with the sweet folk of the Mornington Peninsula eatery to smuggle a ring box into the middle of his beloved’s HSP. 
And lo and behold, she did find the ring, and she did say “yes”, and it was good. 

The outpouring of support both for the happy couple and for the medium of proposal (we counted several cheers of “GOALS!” in the comments) seems to cement the HSP in the Aussie Snack Hall of Greatness – up there with the lamington, the Chiko roll, the meat pie and the Bunnings snag. 
All of which I’d like to see someone propose with, immediately if possible.
Source: Facebook.
Image: Facebook / Mavi Fish, Chips and Kebabs.