There’s fans of garlic bread (all of us, unless you are a WEIRDO) and then there’s the die-hard, absolutely cooked fans of garlic bread who will not stop posting garlic bread memes, talking about garlic bread, forcing you into long dialogues about the best possible way to make garlic bread at home, etc.

Garlic bread obsessed crazy kids, this one’s for you.

Smith’s chips have announced a limited edition garlic bread chip flavour, and it’s hit Aussie stores already.

The chips are a partnership with Pizza Hut, so we’re gonna assume the SPECIFIC garlic bread flavour (have I revealed my true form as a Garlic Bread Enthusiast too soon) is that of the Pizza Hut variety.

Stores around Australia are already selling out – Daily Mail reported that one IGA sold out of the ~blessed chippes~ within hours.

People who have managed to get their hands on some have taken to Twitter to say that yes, the chips taste like garlic bread.

Run don’t walk, my friends. Quit work for today, even. This is a worthy reason to take some personal leave, no?