Some Of Singapore’s Swankiest Bars Are About To Pop Up In Sydney & Melbourne


For everyone who’s experienced Singapore‘s insane nightlife, or you’re hankering to experience it but you’re stuck in Australia because passports are wildly easy to misplace, have we got a treat for ya or what?

Some of Singapore’s most accomplished bars are storming Sydney and Melbourne over the course of four days, and you can win a $200 bar tab to enjoy with a mate at either venue – that’s a whole lotta cocktails and 11/10 dishes to indulge on.

Score $200 worth of cocktails + bites in Sydney or Melbourne this Feb!

Just tell us what excites you the most about visiting Singapore and enter your details in the form above for a chance to get your claws on that sweet, sweet bar tab.

Just make sure that if you’re in Sydney, you set aside the 20th and 21st of Feb to head to The Rooftop Sydney to get your bev on, while Melburnians will be hitting up The Albion Rooftop on the 23rd and 24th of Feb for the same Singapore Social extravaganza.

So, what bars are coming down under? There’s the #13 highest ranking bar in the world, Native, as well as the #23 ranked bar, Operation Dagger, both of which will be serving up cocktails paired with Singapore inspired bites from MasterChef Australias 2018 winner Sashi Cheliah.

You can expect to chow down on Chilli Crab Sliders, Chicken Rendang, Crispy Skin Pork, Pan Fried Singapore Carrot Cake and Ondeh Ondeh Layer Cake – just a lil’ teaser to get your tastebuds motoring.

If you thought Singapore Social forgot about tunes for the occasion, a) where’s the faith? and b) they certainly didn’t so you can put that in ya pipe and smoke it.

Have a squiz at the video below to see who’ll be performing and what else will be going down:

DJ KoFlow and popstar extraordinaire Tabitha Nauser will be gracing the stage as the perfect accompaniment to your already stacked night which, gauging from the general vibe of Singapore’s nightlife, is going to be bloody heckers.

If you miss out on the bar tab, you can still make your way down there regardless so don’t feel too beat up about it. Or, take it a step further and book a trip to see Singapore IRL.

Unfamiliar with the island nation? Hit up Visit Singapore to scope out everything you can get up to.

No time like the present, people.