5 Simple Ways To Take Your Humble BBQ Game From Far Beyond Cooked To Medium Rare

The sausage sizzle is a time-honoured tradition, and that’s for damn good reason. But there are occasions when it just doesn’t cut it, and it’s those moments that we want to help you level up, taking your BBQ game from being an overcooked mess to a medium-rare delight.

From the gear you need to quite literally cook up a feast, to the added extras that are often forgotten — but, in our opinions, are crucial — we’ve rounded up a few of the best (and simplest) ways to ensure your next BBQ is top tier, God-level status.

1. The BBQ itself is key

Having the right gear is the first step you need to take to step up your BBQ game. Using a beat-up grill that’s been in the family for generations (and has the grease stains to prove it) is no way to ensure perfectly cooked anything. Let us introduce you to the Rolls Royce of BBQs: the Beefmaster.

If you’re looking to upgrade, then this bad boy is available exclusively at Barbeques Galore. It’s a range of modular BBQs that allows you to design your own BBQ (or BBQ kitchen) with over 100 possible configurations, so you’re guaranteed to find one that suits your space. You can choose the size, how many burners you have, the side shelves, whether you want a rack inside to make roast dinners on, and can even add a sink to wash up in as you grill.

2. Mix up the grill

There’s a time and place for perfectly cooked snags (obviously), but sometimes you need to step it up. Next time a special occasion comes around, dust off those tongs and go boujee with additions like charred chunks of capsicum and grilled halloumi on the BBQ, or all of the above threaded onto a skewer. This one’s delicious enough for both vegetarians and carnivores.

3. Buy a meat thermometer

I know it sounds ridiculous, but adding a meat thermometer into your rotation not only ensures that you won’t overcook your meat, but it also means you can take it off the grill the moment it hits the right temperature. Rare is usually considered to be 60°C internal temp, while medium-rare is between 60 and 65°C. Once you’ve hit 65, you’re edging into medium and well territory. If you’re feeling boujee, go the Maverick Infrared Laser Thermometer which allows you to zap your food from over a metre away.

4. Don’t stinge on the sauce

The best part of most meals are the condiments and I refuse to be convinced otherwise. While you’re at the shops picking up your BBQ ingredients, consider the potential marinades that’ll make your meal one million times better, and dipping sauces to serve. Personally, I love a Peri Peri flavoured mayo on just about anything and a smoky Lillies Q Carolina sauce, but buying a meat rub (like the ones from Hardcore Carnivore) is a simple way to amp up the flavour, big time.

5. Consider adding a rotisserie to your BBQ

If you’ve already mastered all of our tips above, then we have one foolproof way to step it up even further: a rotisserie. You can easily add a rotisserie to the Beefmaster Deluxe range we mentioned before during the design process. Rotisseries are ideal for cooking meats like a whole chicken, beef roast, or prime ribs and it’s kind of a set-and-forget style of cooking (which means we’re definitely into it).