Spin king Shane Warne has shifted his focus on now becoming the King of Tins, and launched a range of gin & tonic tinnies made with his own hooch, 708 Gin, in late March. Naturally, we had to try some out to see if the bloke’s g&t is as silky as his right arm.

The tins, which run under the name 23 – a reference to his playing number from his cricket days, and named similarly to his eau de toilette/bottled musk – are a mid-strength gin and ‘slim’ tonic (?) that complements the flavour notes in Warnie’s gin.

We were lucky enough to wrap our laughing gear around a few of the tins, and even though they’re a low-booze alternative to other RTD tinnies that’ll happily blow your head off, they’re still pretty bloody decent.

shane warne gin tonic RTD 23

Tonic itself can sometimes get a bit sickly sweet, but something about the ratios in these tins make it not as overly sweet as other G&Ts in the fridge. It’s surprisingly quite delicious, and the use of citrus and spices in the tonic definitely help to cut through that expected sugary hit.

Because it’s a humble middy-strength can of spirit and mixer, it really doesn’t put you on your ass like other, stronger alternatives do. Which is super handy if you want to have a couple of Shane’s tins, get a mild buzz going, but not really pushing it far enough to get completely hammered.

The low alco levels also means its super handy for those events where you want to have a drink but don’t want to go overboard and have to chug three litres of water before bed, lest you wake up in the hoon tomb.

Also how could you say no with this kind of advertising:

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They’re dangerously easy to sip, but it also means you can put away a few at a Sunday arvo family reunion and not wind up blurting out to your aunt that you actually hated the shitty present she got you at Christmas.

And coming in at a cheeky $18.99 a four pack, Shane’s 23 tins are very good for a Sunday sesh when you’ve got work the next day and don’t want to cook yourself on a high head again.

Not bad, Warnie. You’re definitely on the way to being the Tin King, I reckon.

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