Just Gonna Say It: End Of Term Pizza Parties Were A God-Tier School Experience

Controversial, but I love being an adult. Sure, there are things like taxes and rent and ensuring you get enough vitamins so your bones don’t crumble by the time you hit 60. But overall, getting to do what you want and creating your own life is pretty damn fun. 

It’s not often you’ll find me wishing I could return to my childhood. That is until I start thinking about end of term primary school parties. No idea what I’m talking about? Let me take you back. 

The year is 2005. Crazy Frog by Axel F has just been released and Facebook was only a platform for Zuckerberg to rate his classmates on. Summer is about to begin and as your teacher wheels out the TV (it’s a leftover from the ’90s) to play Madagascar for the fifth time that year, you think ‘Life can’t get much better than this’. 

Suddenly, a smell hits your nostrils. Not the smell of 30 kids sweltering in a demountable classroom. No, it’s the smell of the end of year pizza party. ‘One slice each to start with’ says your teacher, and the crowd goes wild. 

All of us on the hallowed Pizza Party Day.

There’s orange cordial being drunk, chip crumbs being trodden into the carpet over and over again, that one kid who is obviously never allowed sugar has eaten a packet of snakes and is bouncing off the walls. It’s chaos, it’s magic, it’s the highlight of the academic year. 

Clearly, I have a lot of feelings about this very niche Australian school experience but if you’re also feeling nostalgic for those innocent days, I bring you good news.

To celebrate National Pizza Party Day on May 20th (the official one, not the school one), Pizza Hut is giving away a tonne of prizes. From National Pizza Party Day onwards, you can head to Pizza Hut’s website to nab some food before spinning the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle-themed wheel. Because, you know, it’s their favourite food.

There, you could have a one-in-three chance of winning goodies like exclusive merch, garlic bread, free pizzas, lava cakes, and even $10K in cold, hard cash. You don’t get that at public school do ya?
Basically Pizza Hut wants to keep the pizza party going for the adults, too. There’s over $1M (!) worth of prizes to be won all up. 

So gather up your mates, go all out on the cordial and lollies, and order some pizzas to relive the glory days. And if you’re still in school please, please cherish those end of term pizza parties for all of us. 

Visit Pizza Hut for more details.