Amidst a major sauce-up of the Domino’s product line, there has been a massive casualty – one more tragic than the death of whoitsface on ‘Game of Thrones‘ last night or whatever.

It’s the death of the $5 Margherita, may he rest in peace. The fresh tomato, cheese and herb party staple/delicious vegetarian option/hangover food when you can’t stomach anything with even a modicum of spice is no more – or at least that’s what it seems, according to a leaked copy of Domino’s new menu uncovered by the Sydney Morning Herald.

Say Goodbye To Your Cheap Margherita As Domino’s Dumps Everyone’s Fave Pizza

The new menu is due out officially this weekend and apparently features seven new pizzas – but will any of them measure up to the sweet simplicity of tomato + cheese + oregano? Probably not.

Some existing pizzas are set for a price hike, while others are likely to become smaller in size, as Domino’s tries to shrug off its market position as the pizza place for people who can’t afford Crust.

They’ll be doing that by getting rid of the $12.95 ‘Chef’s Best‘ range which includes delicious combos like Chicken & Camembert and the hefty Loaded Meatlovers. They’ll replace that with a new $15.90 ‘Premium Range‘ including six of the seven new pizzas, and that Chicken & Camembert one, except more expensive.

Domino’s have not confirmed that pizzas will be getting smaller – but a Deutsche Bank analyst has said as much, apparently in order to “provide additional cost relief” to struggling franchisees. Those very same franchisees are also being asked to buy a whole load of new pizza pans, so says SMH.

Hmm, interesting.

Still, we’re gonna have to chew over whether a new, more expensive pizza could ever fill the Margherita-shaped hole in our hearts.

Say Goodbye To Your Cheap Margherita As Domino’s Dumps Everyone’s Fave Pizza

Source: Sydney Morning Herald
Image: Rocko's Modern Life