Salivate Over This Lamb San Choy Bow Recipe Perfect For Yr Fussy-Eater Pal

If you’ve managed to navigate the perils of general existence without encountering the dreaded ‘I won’t eat that‘ friend, then you’re crushing it. Seriously, that’s one hell of an achievement.

For those of you that aren’t so lucky (which I imagine is the vast majority of you tbh), then I’m sorry. It sucks, doesn’t it? Like, you go through all this effort to make a decent meal only to have them turn their nose up at your culinary achievement. Oh, and let’s not even get started on the shitstorm that is going out to an actual restaurant – yes, you fools, ordering off the children’s menu is wildly inappropriate/equal parts tragic.

But for whatever reason, and despite them being ridiculous humans, you’ve made the conscious decision to keep ’em around. Not giving them the flick means you’ve gotta suss a way to make their behaviour less of a burden – and I’ve got just the thing to lift the weight of their picky ways.

San choy bow, people. And not just any san choy bow, but the Ritz Carlton of san choy bows ft. sticky slow-roasted lamb shoulder. If your pal turns their nose up at this orgasmic dish, then there’s no hope for them.

Well, I’m off to have a cold shower after watching that. Have a lovely day.