SA Man Arrested For Theft Today Has Hundreds Of Avos Stashed At His House

A 29-year-old South Australian man has been arrested for theft today, his haul including antique clocks and crates and crates of avocados.

The man was found to have at least seven chock-a-block full crates of avocados in his home. Because we live in an apocalyptic wasteland where avocados are currency and the so-called ‘Australian dream’ of home ownership has been exposed as a lie.

This morning the cops searched the man’s home in Renmark, on the Murray River, spurred on by a spate of break-ins in the area.

The owners of a number of the stolen items found – the clocks, building insulation, a canoe – have already come forward to claim their items. But no one knows who the hundreds of avos belong to.

The man was  charged with unlawful possession and has been refused bail. He was expected to appear in court today.