Too Many Russians Are Getting Domino’s Tattoos For A Lifetime Supply Of Pizza

An incredibly misguided promotion from Domino’s in Russia has seen far too many Russians happily permanently mutilate their bodies with tattoos of the pizza chain’s logo for the promise of a lifetime supply of (inferior) pizza.

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Just last week Domino’s launched a new promo campaign, ‘Domino’s Forever’, which offered a hundred pizzas a year for a hundred years to anyone who got inked with the company’s logo “in a prominent place“, and then shared it on social media tagged #dominance (#доминоснавсегда in Russian if you wanna have a searchy search yourself).

As The Moscow Times reported, Domino’s posted the promo on what is effectively Russian Facebook, Vkontakte, beginningIf you like to surprise and shock, and also really love Domino’s, then read on…” They went on to write that the comp would run through until the end of October, but have since had to close the submission window because too many people froth on free pizza and maybe even tile-based strategy games. Who knew?

On Tuesday they posted to Domino’s Vkontakte page that they’d be doughing out free pizza to the first 350 people to share their legit tats, but would be closing the contest at midday:

An urgent message to all those sitting at the tattoo artist’s right now: We’ll include you in the list of participants, but we’re waiting for photos up to midday today. To those with appointments scheduled for later, we recommend canceling them.

If you lurk on the hashtag on Insty now, you’ll see they definitely needed to shut this thing down quicksmart. There’s more than 350 entries up atm, although some of them aren’t legit, or of Domino’s at all.

With the assumption that they got a full 350 participants and each totally cashes in on their prize, that’s 35,000 free pizzas a year for A HUNDRED YEARS. Even if they’re limited to only ordering $5 Value Range pizzas, that’s still $500 of pizza per person per year. The maths on that folks? $175,000 worth of free pizza a year FOR A HUNDRED YEARS.

We fully respect the people who got themselves a dumb tattoo for free pizza. Many of us here at the PEDESTRIAN.TV offices have dumb tattoos for which we received no free pizza or food-based compensation of any kind.

We can only salute these brave tattooed Russians.

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