A Mega Luxe Rosé Picnic Is Hitting Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens

Getting out in the sunshine seems like the most logical thing to do given that we are currently being blessed with the most ridiculous summer heatwave that I could possibly summon – and when the sun is out, you know full well that it’s time to bust out the picnic gear.

And given that it’s not a skill I get to trot out at parties very often, whenever the opportunity arises I am always down for a lil’ spin of the boule. When you pair those two crucial elements with the chance to slurp down some rosé with my pals? CONSIDER ME IN.

If you’re craving some of that vitamin D and rosé, you can get your fix at Le Petit Rosé’s Le Petit Picnic event on Sunday, February 3 at 12.30pm in the Rose Garden at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney.

Band together with your squad and you’ll be able to cop not only a high-stakes game of bowls (where your group gets to take home the boules in order to continue the competition at every opportunity), but you’ll also be treated to a bonafide picnic including a cute lil’ picnic blanket, basket of food (with the all important Rosé of course) and there’ll be sunscreen available for the sun-conscious (which, *extreme mum voice*, should be all of you).

Take a deep breath as you hear this folks: you get all that for $85 per person.

There’s also gonna be a garnish station for you to take your bevvy to the next level, summer sessions with live DJs and a flower crown making workshop so you can have peak picnic princess vibes. And really, could you ask for more?

TBH I’m mostly excited at the prospect of an arvo filled with good pals, good drinks and great vibes. And, ya know, if I manage to beat my mates at bowling then the day really will be sweet.

You can get your tix HERE, so make sure your mates are all sunscreened up in their best picnic frocks coz it’s gonna be magnifique.