After 15 long years with a noticeable gap in the tinnies section of the beer fridge, the deeply-missed Reschs ‘Silver Bullets’ pilsner tinnies are returning to their rightful place next to all the other bog-standard brews at grog shops across NSW.

The mother’s milk in the silver tins is set to wrangle back their space in the fridge after a huge push from the 7000-odd strong Facebook group (and genuinely wholesome online collective that I love) the Reschs Appreciation Society. There’s truly no justice like angry (beer-loving) justice.

Carlton & United Brewing (CUB) actually worked with the RAS group to develop the new look of the Silver Bullets, including the outline of NSW and the surfer on the front of the can, and a call-out for bev respecters to join the FB group is also printed on the underside of every slab.

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It’s the first time the Precious Bevington has been in the iconic silver tins since 2005 when they were unceremoniously booted from the bottle-o and replaced with 375ml glass bottles. And like a changing of the guard, we’ll now be saying a fond farewell/fuck off to the glass stubbies, as the silver tins take their place back.

If you’re the kind of beer drinker who prefers it in glass, the pilsner will still be available in the 750ml longnecks/tallies, and my fave Reschs Draught is still on tap at selected NSW pubs.

And if you wanna keep across the movements of those kegs, the Appreciation Society FB group is regularly updated with members checking in to their fave watering holes whenever there’s the good beer on the taps.

The return of the Reschs Silver Bullets will be launched on Saturday, August 15 with a small, socially-distanced gathering by the FB group at the Imperial Pub in Paddington, and the tins will be available from NSW bottle shops after that.

Cheers to that, now someone please send some of those Silver Bullets to me in Melbourne, I really miss that perfect no-faffing-around beer.

Image: Getty Images / Varun Singh Bhati / EyeEm