SURPRISE: That Slick Chicken Pop-Up Joint Was Actually The Work Of Red Rooster

The Scarlet Hen Red Rooster

Sike you fools, that new pop-up chicken joint in Sydney was your ol’ mates Red Rooster all along.

If you recall, a new pop-up called The Scarlet Hen (gitit?) is taking over Sando Bar today, and they’re giving away free chicken waffle cones to punters all day.


While the cat’s out of the bag now and you know The Scarlet Hen is just Red Rooster’s sexy second cousin twice removed, that wasn’t the case for a handful of people who went to a secret event last night.

Silly people, thinking they were at some super swanky VIP event, not knowing it was indeed Australia’s iconic roast chicken slingers. Here are a few snaps from the night (and some from the next day):

Now, you still have time to get down to the pop-up today. It runs from 12pm – 3pm, so fake a sicky and head down to Sando Bar on Commonwealth Street, Surry Hills.

Just make sure you take this code, WHATHECONE?, along with you to ensure you nab yourself a free chicken cone.

If you’re not a Sydneysider, you can scramble to your nearest Red Rooster to purchase the Chicken Waffle Cones yourselves before they, too, run out.

Get amongst it.