Hand washing is front and centre in our minds at the moment, so please take a moment to consider this lass who has been feverishly washing her hands with a chunk of cheese she thought was soap for the last few days.

Posting on reddit last week, Miley from Vancouver, Washington made the quiet admission that the bar of soap she thought she’d been washing her hands with was actually a bit of cheese that she’d left out on the side of the sink one night.

Just realized my soap wasn’t working because it’s literally a block of cheese from funny

Miley explained in the comments that she had been housesitting and was stoned out of her gourd when

She stressed in the comments that she had only been washing her hands with the block of what she thought was soap (she uses liquid for the dishes), but had been wondering why her trusty bar of soap wasn’t foaming up.

Also the cheese had gone rock hard sitting out of the fridge, which is all kinds of nope in and of itself.

Like, I know that fancy-ass soap can absolutely look like a Forbidden Snack at the best of times, but how does this even happen.

If this was me I’d be 1. throwing that cheese in the trash so hard that it breaks through the other side and 2. washing my whole body for a good while in the shower with ACTUAL soap.

I simply can’t brie-lieve it.

Image: Reddit