Ray Meagher Aka Alf Stewart From ‘Home & Away’ Is Makin’ Hot Sauce Now

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

I am a person who is very passionate about hot sauce, and I have very firm opinions about it: the kick doesn’t count unless it makes you cry. Turns out I share that craving for totally numb tastebuds/involuntary tears with winner of the coveted Gold Logie/Alf Stewart on Home and Away since before I was born, Ray Meagher. 

The fair dinkum Aussie bloke/73-year-old national treasure/bona fide chilli connoisseur has launched his own face-melting hot sauce, Ray’s Flamin Hot Sauce. Wow. If that’s not inspiration to kick up your side hustle, I dunno what is.

Meagher harnessed his passion for the spicier side of life into this new side hustle with GoDaddy, which you’ve probably used once or twice yourself to get a domain name you’re after. But they build websites too!

The platform is helpin’ to get Meagher’s product out there – just like it’s helping heaps of other Aussies to show off their own wares on the big bad web, even if they’re not a web design guru. In fact, Meagher reckons anyone with a small biz or passion project should give it a go; you’ll be online in less than an hour.

I would have to be the least tech smart person out there,” Meagher said. “But at 73, if I can build a website anyone can. I hope my move can inspire others to stop procrastinating and start doing something they love. It’s flamin’ easy.”

Even if it doesn’t get you all motivated and such, I’m here for it if it means we get spicy af Ray content like this:

Now to test the sauce: