Ranking The Bakers Delight Menu On How Quickly I Want To Shove It Down My Food Hole

You know that scene in Ratatouille where the grumpy food critic takes a bite of the delicious food and is immediately whizzed back to his childhood? Well that’s me whenever I munch on one of those simply elite cheese and bacon rolls from Bakers Delight. That’s it, that’s the introduction.

Bakers Delight – breakfast and lunch of champions – recently revamped its rewards program, saying ta-ta to its stamp card and a big hello to its new Bakers Delight App, where you can become a Dough Getters member for free.

No more frantically scrambling for your stamp card at the bottom of your tote back anymore, baby!

To celebrate, Bakers Delight is giving Dough Getters the chance to win a slice of $100,000 (!!!) worth of dough. My mouth, she’s watering.

Entry is simple, all you have to do is become a Dough Getter and make a purchase in-bakery before the celebration ends to head into the draw.

The loot includes 100 prizes of freeeeeeee bread for a year, as well as over 13,000 prize vouchers. Every purchase counts, so the more times you shop as a Dough Getter, the more chances you have to win big. 

The promotion runs from September 23, 2021 until October 20, 2021, so that’s plenty of time to get that dough (and cheese and bacon roll and literally everything else at Bakers Delight).

Now, in the off chance you haven’t had Bakers Delight in a while – what else could you possibly be eating in lockdown? – I’ve gone ahead and ranked my top five bites from the bakery to hopefully inspire your next order.

I’ve lived down the road from a Bakers Delight for 24 years, I’ve been waiting for this moment my entire life.

Let us begin.

5. Sourdough High Tin Loaf

Bakers Delight.

Those who can’t bake, buy. And I buy good.

That is all.

4. Choc Mud Scone

Bakers Delight.

Heaven is a place on earth and that place is Bakers Delight when choc mud scones are on the shelves. Look at her, isn’t she stunning? Bit of extra chocolate spread on top and you have a hoot and a half of a time in my mouth.

3. Cinnamon & Fruit Block Loaf

Bakers Delight.

Set the scene: it’s a chilly morning, so you decide to toast yourself a slice of this cinnamon and fruit block loaf and top it off with a smidge of butter. It melts across the crumbly surface. You take a bite – it’s sweet and a little sour, kinda salty, buttery. 

Total bliss.

Oh good, now I’m hungry.

2. Boston Icing and 100s & 1000s Finger Bun

Bakers Delight.

I mean, look at it. It’s both fun to look at and eat. Mum used to buy me the many variations of the finger bun when I did good at school, which is all the motivation I needed as a sweet tooth in primary school.

The finger bun with Boston icing is my current fave of the bunch. It’s just *chef’s kiss*.

1. Cheese & Bacon Roll

Bakers Delight.

Okay, so I spoiled the winner when I name-dropped this king in my introduction, but it’s worth saying again that the cheese and bacon roll is quite simply it. And it’s especially good when you pop it in the microwave for 10 seconds, so the cheese melts and the bacon crackles a little.

This little guy has been my constant companion since primary school.

And that, my friends, is why it’s my #1.

Keen to become a Dough Getter? Learn more, right HERE.