In what is possibly the sweetest music to any Melburnian’s ears is the announcement that the Queen Victoria Market now has an online shop, meaning you don’t have to spend half your weekend wading through the chaos of the markets to get your weekly grocery haul.

With 140-odd years of providing the people with fresh produce, the iconic open-air market is now logged the hell on, and folks are able to get their weekly shop done and dusted without having to leave the house.

Now, Queen Victoria Market itself is a bit of a spectacle – the chaos and hub-bub all add to the charm of the place, and the experience of chatting away with the market stall holders, farmers, fishmongers, winemakers, cheese merchants, and other folks specialising in delicious treats is definitely something that should be treasured.

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Morning market routines.

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But also sometimes it rains so hard in the city that you truly cannot be fucked to leave the house on the weekend, or you can’t make it down to the market when it’s open and it just makes things a little easier if you can get everything dropped off in a cardboard box.

For now, you can order from 12 of the market’s stalls, including a couple of greengrocers, two fishmongers, a fromagerie, the “eggporium”, a couple of delis, a bakery, and two grog shops. Truly just about everything you need, apart from a bag of hot jam doughnuts.

Queen Victoria Market can be ordered from through the Your Grocer website, and if you order before 11am, you should get the delivery on the same day. The website also does orders from other very good spots like Brunswick’s La Manna Fresh, Fitzroy’s Piedimontes, Prahran Market and South Melb Market.

Image: Instagram / @vicmarket