A Pub In Melbs Is Doing $5 Parmas For Dogs So You Can Take Your No.1 Out For Dinner

Puppy Parma

In case you missed it/forgotten because it’s been bloody cold: Newmarket Hotel in St Kilda has this weekly thing called Puppy Parma Tuesdays. Parma for dogs, parma for you, parma for everyone. And since spring is slowly – slowly but surely – making itself known to Melbourne, it’s time to start planning some arvo bites with your mates and pooches.

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Held in Newmarket’s Courtyard, Puppy Parma Tuesdays kicked off earlier this year and has since spread joy to our four-legged friends and their humans, but mostly the pups.

If you’re wondering, the puppy parma is a mini chicken schnitzel with shaved ham, topped with bocconcini and greens. if you’re a bit unsure about feeding your pup any of those bites, hit up your vet first for some advice. The parma also comes complete with a side of “chips” AKA duck and turmeric dog treats, and “salad” (chicken, rice, and vegetable kibble).

What an absolute feast for your pup(s). And all of that for five bucks!

Humans can sink their teeth into the regular parmas for $15. Bookings are essential though, so make sure you hit up the website. According to socials, Puppy Parma Tuesdays start from 5pm. Also, booking seems to be available until 2022 so no rush. You can absolutely wait until Melbourne decides to properly turn it on.

Also, yes I stalked the hell out of Newmarket’s Facebook page. How can I not when I get results LIKE THIS:


In some other Melbourne-related news, a 2-day gnocchi festival is happening this month. Some of your favourite food trucks and stalls specialising in the perfect little parcels will takeover The Ascot Lot on Saturday, October 19 and Sunday, October 20.

That’s Pasta Face, Just Like Nonna’s, Jake’s Kitchen, Burrito Bae, and Ardor Food Co. Gluten Free to name a couple. The Lot will announce a bunch more closer to the date. Vegan and more gluten free options will be available as well.

And, it’s a dog-friendly event.

Read more about the event below.