Pringles has come in many forms over the years, from the tried and true Original to Chicken Salt, there’s barely a flav combo that you can’t find ’em in. I mean I even found Pickle Pringles once and they tasted like a cheeseburger dipped in vinegar and rolled in light n’ tangy dust.

And now, a new dawn of Pringle is upon us. The Unstoppable Pop. The only thing is, nobody knows what the flavour is. No seriously, the flavour is deadset a mystery.

After being a real thing over in other parts of the extended Chip Universe, the Mystery Flavour Pringles have landed in Australia, and are ready and waiting to confuse the hell out of your tastebuds.

The Pringles sneaks will be drip-feeding hints and clues as to what the flavour is, so you can try and piece everything together and match it all up in your gob. I’ve seen the first clue already and I won’t spoil it for you but let’s just say that a certain Prime Minister had a penchant for eating these on camera for no discernable reason.

Apart from the bets you’re probably going to put down with your group chat and workmates, Pringles are giving away a big cash prize of $10k to someone whose discerning palate pins down the mysterious flavour and submits it on the site.

I mean, knowing me it’ll just taste like BBQ or something and I won’t be able to pick it at all. It’s like when you read the back of a wine bottle and think “well I’m not getting hints of berries and treacle it just tastes like goon to me.” Who are these people that can taste the difference between stuff? Real experts of flavours. Chippie connoisseurs.

If you wanna cop the Mystery Pringles and try and figure out what the fricken heck the flavour is, keep an eye out for the rogue cans of unknown chippies from March 1st, and put your tastebuds to the test.