Someone hand me an adult bib – all-you-can-eat Korean fried chicken restaurant KaiKai Chicken is set to open in central Brisbane later this month. 

A little spruik posted to Facebook brags about a $25 Korean Fried Chicken buffet, encompassing unlimited fried chicken, pizza, fries, salad, lasagna, mac’n’cheese, and dessert, with bottomless soft drinks on top of that for $1.50. 

Oh and just throw down an extra $18 for all-you-can-eat ribs too. 

Owners Phillip and Michael Tan will be serving fried chicken Korean-style, American southern-style, Southeast Asian-style… and also in nine other styles that are still a secret. 
They’ve reportedly garnered a little bit of #foodinspo while travelling Southeast Asia over the past year, and even have plans for an a la carte Japanese-style menu available later in the year. 

By the end of August, this’ll be me: 

Source: The Urban List.
Photo: Facebook.