In A Move No One Saw Coming, Post Malone Has Launched A Rosé Empire & It’s Now Available In Aus

Old mate Post Malone has launched a booze empire and wouldn’t ya bloody know it, the bloke has rolled with a rosé for his drink of choice.

The rapper’s rosé brand Maison No. 9 is available in Australia as of today and the packaging looks absolutely ~divine~.

The ideal pick for when you’re invited to someone’s place or to park drinks and want to make it look like you’re bad and boujee.

Plus rosé always goes down an absolute treat and illuminates the senses.

Everyone loves rosé and if you say you don’t, you’re lying. I see you.

Maison No. 9 first launched in the U.S. and broke records with 50,000 sales in 48 hours before being sold in the UK.

We’re next on the list and it’s a limited run of 10,000 units sold exclusively with Dan Murphy’s online ($42.99 AUD) so you’d better get your mitts on a bottle ASAP!

This might seem like a left of field move for the rapper but honestly, I’ve come to expect the unexpected when it comes to Post Malone.

As folks say over on TikTok, you should never let ’em know your next move. And he always keeps us guessing but we’re always pleasantly surprised.

So what inspired this genius move?

Apparently a love of the Mediterranean lifestyle, plus the fact that he bloody loves rosé.

“Rosé is when you want to get a little fancy,” Malone said in a press release. Too true, babes. Too true.

Again, never would’ve picked Post Malone for a rosé all day kind of guy but I absolutely love this energy and my new fantasy in life is to sink glasses of lush pink bubbles with the man himself.

And perhaps that’ll soon be a possibility ‘cos Post Malone is set to tour Australia with the Red Hot Chill Peppers in 2023.

See ya soon, bud!