As much as we thought it probably won’t happen this year, the Tokyo Olympics is kicking off this week. Which means we’re faced with a couple of weeks of late nights watching our Aussie Olympians try and rack up as many medals as possible. Those weird sport-watching hours definitely call for takeout food to celebrate, so Pizza Hut has decided to chuck up free pizzas for every time an Aussie steps onto the podium.

To kick things off, the pizzy kings will be slapping up 5000 free pies (in voucher form) on the website from 4pm AEST on July 23rd, for us to claim just in time for the Opening Ceremony. From there, every day at 4pm AEST during the Games, another 1000 free pizzas will be up for grabs to keep hungry tums from growling during the modern pentathlon coverage.

And then, if an Aussie lands a medal in any event, Pizza Hut will add extra pizzas to the freebies tally for the following day. For every bronze medal, we’ll score 200 bonus pizzas, silver gets us a 500 boost, and every gold medal will add another 1000 cheesy dough discuses to the next day’s freebies.

pizza hut olympics
[Image: Pizza Hut]
If our Olympians play their cards right and land multiple medals on the one day, we could end up with stringy cheese and pepperoni coming out of our damn ears.

A hot tip: the medal events for swimming run from the 25th to the 1st, and the athletics are from the 30th to the 8th, if you want to plan your likely cheat dinners.

To round out the Olympics, another 5000 vouchers for free pizzas will be up for grabs on August 8th, so that’s dinner for the Closing Ceremony sorted, too.

The freebies are doled out on a first-in-best-dressed basis, so you better be at an Olympic level of mouse clicking and button pressing so you don’t miss out –honestly, years of racing to buy festival/concert tickets has been my training for times like this.

And if you’re super lucky, Pizza Hut is hiding a rogue Golden Ticket in amongst the potential 285,000 pizzas that could be given out over the Olympics. That Golden Ticket might not get you into the belly of the Pizza Hut beast like a modern day Charlie Bucket, but it does get you a year’s supply of free pizzys.

Image: Getty Images / Laurence Griffiths