Pizza Hut Is Giving Away Free Pizzas On National Pizza Party Day So Mark It In Your Cals ASAP

Riddle me this. What food is better than pizza? It has everything you could ever want. Bread? Check. Vegetables? Check. Meat? Check. Cheese? Check. Like, four of the five major food groups are represented in a delicious cheesy wheel of goodness. If you’re a fan of pineapple pizza, it’s technically five out of five but who’s counting?

And when have you ever met someone who doesn’t enjoy a piping hot pizza? They’re like people who dislike dogs or lottery winnings; rare. IMO there should be a public holiday dedicated to the Italian specialty. But alas, the closest thing we have to a nation-wide celebration is National Pizza Party Day. Mamma Mia. 

Held on the 20th of May, National Pizza Party Day was created to give people an excuse (like we needed one) to hang out and dig into some delicious dough – and this year, Pizza Hut wants to help you celebrate.

Beginning on the holy day of NPPD, if you visit Pizza Hut’s website you can one, order some cracking pizza, but two, spin to win a mountain of prizes. Over $1.2m worth to be exact. Simply order a pizza before having a go on the digital spinning wheel. You’ll have a one-in-three chance of an instant win and even be in the running for a cool cash prize of $10K which, according to my calculations, equals 1,428 large pizzas. Not bad, not bad. 

Alongside the cash prize, you’ll also be in with a chance to nab some classic goodies like exclusive merch, garlic bread, lava cakes (yum), and large deep-pan pizzas. Honestly, my mouth is watering already.

Remember, all of this kicks off on the beloved May 20th AKA National Pizza Party Day and runs for ten days so ‘round-up your dough-loving pals and celebrate – hopefully alongside your prize winnings as well.

Visit Pizza Hut for more details.