MELBS: Pidapipo’s New Degraves St Digs Will Be Slinging Free Gelato Tomorrow

Since setting up shop on Lygon St a couple years back, Pidapipo has become Melbourne‘s go-to destination for fresh, authentic gelato.

On any given Saturday night, it’s not unusual to see lines of post-dinner patrons lining up outside their Carlton and Windsor shopfronts, making the very serious decision of whether or not they really need a generous lashing of Nutella atop their banana milk gelato. (Yup, they literally have free-flowing Nutella taps in all their stores.)

And now the cult brand is set to bring the dessert-based hype to the city’s CBD by opening up a store tomorrow at 8 Degraves Street.

To celebrate, they’re gonna be giving away free scoops of the good stuff from midday to 3pm tomorrow.

Nestled between Flinders Street and Flinders Lane, they’ll be the offering traditional and inventive gelato flavours that Pidapipo is known for, as well as a few extras just for the city crowd.

Flavours include Dulce De Leche, Black Sesame, and in good news for mega fans, they’re bringing back crowd favourite Malted Chocolate.

The new joint will also be featuring four new granita flavours. (For the uninitiated, granita is an Italian-style water ice with a grainy texture.) (Don’t worry, I didn’t know either, I had to Google it.)

Apparently, if you order a combination of gelato and granita (like Dark Chocolate Gelato with Blood Orange Granita or Fior Di Latte Gelato with Raspberry Granita), it’s like an Italian version of the spider.

It’s a yes from me, dawg.

Pidapipo CBD store is open from midday to 11pm daily.