Pickle Pizza Is The Latest Trend So Here’s Where To Cop A Briney Boy

If you’re the kind of person that picks the pickles off a burger with a disgusted look on your face then the trend of pickle pizzas in the US is 110% not for you. Don’t even bother getting mad about it, these pizzys were not created with you in mind, friend.

BUT if you’re a someone like me who will buy a jar of pickles and also eat them out of the jar at any time of night or day with the fridge door open, illuminating the pickle brine while you chomp away on a pickle with a dazed look on your face – a pickle pizza is a bit of a big deal. A big dill, if you will.

It’s essentially what it says on the box – it’s a pizza covered in pickles. Well, pickles and cheese and maybe some garlic and sundried tomatoes.

A very simple meal, really.

Leaving the pineapple on pizza debate in the past, the pickle pizza trend has cropped up at a few stores in Australia, so we’re all able to have a taste of the briney babey. Hell yeah mates, give me that pickle dough boy I extremely need it in my face areas immediately.

Parrino’s Pizza in MirandaNSW slings out straight-up pickle-only pizza – a vegan slicey lad called Mr. Pickle – while Pepperoni’s in WishartQLD, and Seaford Pizza Lodge in SeafordVIC are dishing up burger pizzas (I know) which feature pickles on them, as all burger pizza monstrosities should.

You can get ’em on Menulog too if you don’t want to be seen ordering a fkn pizza with pickles on it, and prefer to have that tangy treat in the comfort of your own home.

As a fiend for the pickle, I’m all about this. I’m going to get a pickle pizza and share it with my pickle group chat, who exclusively talk about pickles and their goodness. It’s a pure and perfect group of pickle appreciators who believe that every meal is enhanced with a pickle.

Open your hearts and your minds to the pickle, people. 2019 is going to be the year of the pickle, I can feel it.