Piccolina Gelateria Have Opened A Store In Swan St Richmond, So Post-Footy Creams Anyone?

Ice-queens Piccolina Gelataria in Melbourne have just opened a new store in Swan St Richmond, which means post-footy creams when the AFL season kicks off next year.

Piccolina first opened in 2015, and have since expanded to include four fab locations (including Richmond). Their other stores are in Collingwood, Hawthorn and St. Kilda. So basically they have a store for all the major Melb footy teams.

The Richmond Piccolina store also have NUTELLA ON TAP, holy-shit. So catch me pouring that directly into my mouth.

They also have a literal whipped cream machine, so again, catch me pouring that directly into my mouth too.

I’m also very fond of Piccolina’s ice-cream menu because they have a range of vegan options available. This is perfect for people like me who are selectively lactose-intolerant. It means I have options on those days where I simply cannot eat an ounce of dairy, or my stomach will explode.

For all you bougie bitches, you’ll also be greeted by some excellent decor. Grand Designs eat your heart out.

The front counter is wrapped in individually hand-made grey Italian terracotta tiles and topped with a grey tarrazzo stone bench-top.

The walls are covered in a textured render, and the chandelier seen below is hand-blown from Europe (no, that doesn’t mean what you think).

After 112 days of lockdown in Victoria, I hope that lockdown has taught some of us to enjoy the little things. I know it has for me.

I for one, cannot wait for those warm summer nights where I can walk down the street with an ice cream in hand, and just enjoy being outside around other people.

Time for a lil’ treat Melbs.

Peep the Richmond store hours below:

85 Swan St, Richmond
Open 7 days a week, Noon – late.
Open 364 days. Closed Christmas Day