Pet Wine Is A Thing Now If You Don’t Want To Drink Alone But Also Kinda Do

Drinking alone is a thing of the past thanks to Apollo Peak, a US company who make top drops for your cat or dog. When it comes to your pet, why stop at designer clothing, fine food and luxury beds?
If Björk can dance with her cat husband, you should drink with yours. (Image:örkTV)
It’s a pretty extensive range, so be sure to check whether your cat prefers a glass of Pinot Meow or if they reach for a stiff Meowtini or turn to a waterbowl of Catbernet after a long, hard day.
Dog puns proved a little harder. They can stick to a light Chardognay or Malbark, or get turnt with a Doggy Mary. Well, kind of: there’s no alcohol in these wines and cocktails. It’s probably for the best, considering grapes are toxic to cats and a drunk dog is mostly really sad. 
Alco-pop realness.
Instead, the ingredients are all natural: most of the wines combine catnip and beets or other vegetables for colour. And just like a bottle of red on a night in, catnip can make cats pretty sleepy when digested. You might wake up having passed out together, a little embarrassed but also more connected for the experience.
They have pet-friendly wine glasses too, because pretending to drink alcohol with an animal should be a classy affair.
The bad news? It’s restricted to America for now, meaning you might have to head overseas for your bender. For now, you and your pets can peruse their store, wondering what might of been.