Farmers Warn That A Huge Glut Of Passionfruit Is About To Hit Supermarkets So Go & Pav At ‘Em

Earmark all your favourite tropical fruit recipes and clear some space in the fruit bowl, we’re apparently about to be hit with an oversupply of passionfruit, after the arduous growing season has now produced a massive wave of fruits.

As reported by the ABC, passionfruit growers across northern NSW and Queensland have been overwhelmed with the amount of fruit they’re suddenly producing, especially after battling through the hectic weather through the 2019 and 2020 growing seasons. Now that all the extreme weather has eased, pretty much every crop in Australia is going absolutely gangbusters.

Farmer and vice president of Passionfruit Australia, Jane Richter, told the ABC that the plethora of the tangy, syrupy fruits were in such bountiful numbers that they didn’t have enough pallets to fill the transport trucks.

passionfruit season
Me, thinking about all the passionfruit I’m gonna buy.

And with the absolute smorgasbord of fruits that are gonna hit supermarkets and grocers real soon, she’s asking stores to consider slashing prices to encourage Aussies to grab a couple in their grocery shops.

We’ve got a tsunami of passionfruit,” she said.

“We need people to get out there and rediscover passionfruit. We need retailers to get behind us and do some really crazy hot specials, put them at the front of the store.”

So fingers crossed that passionfruits are gonna be shit cheap at the shops really soon, because we’ve clearly got a heap to get through. Maybe get organising your Christmas in July dinner now so you can call dibs on making the pavlova. And also make a test pav ASAP so you’ve got more reason to crack open a couple of passionfruits.

A glut of passionfruit, what an absolute dream.