In February we wrote about a cheese festival that’s coming to Melbourne this April.


The Fromage a Trois Cheese Festival is a cheddar-based celebration happening at Werribee Park Mansion, on Sunday, April 8th. The real drawcard of this brie-lliant event is that they’ll be slinging cheese ice cream.

No, not cream cheese ice cream, but actual, literal cheese in ice cream form.

At the time of writing that last yarn, details were sparse. Now, we have more curd-based knowledge to share with you all.

Fitzroy North’s Billy van Creamy (renowned in ice cream circles for making some of Melbourne’s most nummy natural ice cream) will be exhibiting at this year’s festival, and dishing up a rich and intense Parmesan Cheese Ice Cream.

What on God’s green earth would this concoction taste like? Ice-cold mac ‘n’ cheese? Chicken parma-ish? Would it boast a decidedly alfredo after taste?!

We guess there’s only one way to find out.

If licking the dick off a parmesan-flavoured pop isn’t your speed, they’ll also be slinging a creamy Mascarpone & Blueberry flavour, too.

For more deets about the festival, and to get your sweaty little cheese-deprived fingers on some tickets, head here.

Image: Parks and Recreation