Oporto & Bondi Pizza Have Unleashed A Chilli-Drenched Pizza That’s 100% Yr Next Hangover Order


Top-tier chicken fast food chain Oporto (yes, I went there) and Sydney fave Bondi Pizza have teamed up to collaborate on the ultimate chicken pizza via Menulog, and I’m already salivating.

The Oporto Bondi Pizza is the the ultimate daddy of fast food, combining Oporto’s signature sauces and grilled chicken on top a delicious thin-pressed Bondi Pizza base. You’ll also be able to snag some fresh garlic bread with a side of Oporto’s Original Chilli or Prego dipping sauce.

If you’re feeling a bit chaotic, there’s also the option of adding pineapple – because it does indeed belong on pizza. Sorry bout it.

Menulog Commercial Director Rory Murphy reckons “burgers and pizza are the top two dishes ordered on Menulog” and something tells me this is because too many people are trying to fight the Sunday scaries with a fat feed. I know there’s nothing I want more than to eat chicken or pizza after a night out and then just completely veg out on the couch.

“We’re so excited to be partnering with two born and bred Bondi brands to bring something truly special to our customers,” Murphy said.

“Burgers and pizza are two of the top dishes ordered on Menulog, so we know the Oporto Bondi Pizza is going to be a huge hit with locals.”

Bondi Pizza is a cult-fave for Sydney residents, and offers a bunch of yummy pasta dishes and desserts if you aren’t feeling a pizza. But honestly, I’m always in the mood for pizza.

Fun fact: I’m a massive Oporto fan-girl and believe it’s the best chicken chain (if you don’t count your classic local charcoal chicken). The flame grilled chicken is *chef’s kiss* and unlike other fast-food chains the food doesn’t leave me feeling clogged up for three days.

The Oporto Bondi Pizza is available from June 17 until June 30 through Menulog at selected stores across Sydney.