It turns out pineapple ISN’T the most-hated pizza topping in Australia and I’m honestly surprised it’s not kiwifruit either.

A recent survey conducted by Menulog found that the number one most-hated pizza topping in Australia is, get this, olives.



I am shocked. Olives are a staple pizza topping, I think you’d struggle to find a pizza shop that doesn’t have olives. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of olives on pizza (or in general), but I also have the tastebuds of a four-year-old.

But the people have spoken, and they really fucking hate olives too.

Menulog tracked all 3.6 million pizza orders from 2019 across more than 2,800 restaurants, and it turns out the most-frequently removed topping is the harmless olive.

The statistic might’ve been skewed by the fact that supreme pizzas (which often include olives) were the most popular order across NSW, Queensland and the ACT, accounting for 16% of orders across the states. So, it kind of makes sense that olives were the most commonly removed item.

Overall, the Margherita pizza reigned supreme, with 13.4% of all orders being for the simple ‘za. However, meat lovers and Hawaiian pizzas followed closely behind with 13.3% and 12% of orders respectively.

Unsurprisingly, Australia still can’t decide whether we collectively love or hate pineapple, with the fruit taking out both the most-added ingredient and the second most-removed.

Despite their hatred of the simple, salty olive, pizza lovers were a huge fan of anchovies, which were the second most requested ingredient on pizza. The people really love tiny fish on their ‘za.

Controversially, onions managed to secure a place in the top three most rejected pizza toppings, which is absolutely unforgivable. Onion is a top-tier pizza topping.