Oi Melbs Cop Some Free Coffee All Week With Yr Reusable Cup

Look, who the hell doesn’t love free shit. You’re a God damn liar if you reckon you don’t love copping some freebies in your hot little hands. Well Melbourne, you’ll be bloody tickled pink to know that all this week you can score yourself free coffee while also helping the damn environment at the same time.

For all the champions who sip their favourite hot (or cold) bean drink out of a reusable cup, you’re gunna want to get along to Lights In The Attic in Hawthorn East and The Crux & Co in South Melbourne, ‘cos they’re slinging coffee for nothin’ until November 19 to celebrate National Recycling Week.

Teaming up with the folks at Frank Green, these two coffee shops are going to be not only celebrating people who are environmentally-conscious about their caffeine addiction, but also highlighting the amount of waste that is produced every year from coffee cups alone. Lemme tell you, it’s a shitload.

Disposable coffee cups have this tricky little plastic lining in them to stop the cardboard outside from becoming a soggy mess and probably ending up in your lap, but these pesky liners are left behind to become a trash disaster when the rest of the coffee cup eventually breaks down. It’s estimated that about 1 billion of these cups are used every year in Australia alone. JUST US. ONE BILLION FREAKIN’ CUPS.

Anyway, do yourself and the planet a solid and grab a reusable cup, and hop along to feed your unquenchable thirst for the precious brew.