The ultimate 16 year old boy’s fantasy has been created with a collab between Nutri-Grain and OAK Plus Vanilla Malt.

The cereal combines the champion’s brekky Nutri-Grain and the flavour of OAK Plus Vanilla Milk. Hey now, hey now, this is what boy’s wet dreammmsss are made of.

Don’t get my wrong, anyone can eat Nutri-Grain, but let’s be real something advertised as “iron man food” is going to be targeted towards young blokes. Do you remember all those cooked ads from the mid-2000s? That Nutri-Grain scream almost gave me a conniption.

Now combine that with OAK, and ooh boy you’ve got the ultimate man food. The Hungry Thirsty OAK ads of yesteryear make me want to grow a beard and fight someone to the death. I would literally get in a punch on outside an RSL after drinking an OAK. That is the power that these ads have.

I don’t know how advertisers have managed to make milk that literally comes out of a cow’s boobs seem masculine, but they’ve somehow managed to do it. I salute thee.

I may not be 16, or a boy, but Nutri-Grain x OAK Plus Vanilla Malt cereal looks like something I’d definitely try. Keep in mind I do have some very NSFW breakfast-eating habits. This morning I ate dry Weet-Bix with butter because I ran out of milk. But as Matt Preston once famously said “it’s disgusting…disgustingly good.”

Food combos, specifically cereal ones, seem to be the rage at the moment. Last month, Kellog’s launched a Coco Pops x Golden Gaytime collab in both ice cream and cereal form. YUM.

Nutri-Grain x OAK Plus Vanilla Malt Cereal is selling for $6.75 and it’s only available at Woolworths stores. So keep an eye out because they are available from today.