Small bars and pubs in NSW have begun to pivot to home deliver booze after legislation was changed on Monday afternoon, allowing licensed venues to be able to directly deliver grog to all of us at home.

All pubs, bars, cafés and restaurants with a liquor license will now be able to provide takeaway and deliveries, instead of having to rely strictly on bottle shops and services like Jimmy Brings.

The change in the liquor laws means that bars will be able to keep ticking things over, essentially working like dark kitchens, creating cocktails and other tipples to be ordered and delivered to our doors. So I guess if you’ve been absolutely stinging for a dirty martini to take the edge off from all of…this…now you can get that sent straight to your house.

The licensing lift was also handed down on the same day the NSW Government ordered a shut down of all non-essential businesses, forcing thousands immediately out of jobs and seeing queues at Centrelink offices stretching far down streets across the state.

As reported by the Sydney Morning Herald, bars like Dulcie’s in Kings Cross and The Rio in Summer Hill are already pivoting to create cocktails to be delivered. Pubs like The Unicorn Hotel in Paddington are also already doing delivered pub grub, and I won’t be surprised if they start selling longnecks of Resch’s soon too.

So if you’re missing your fave little bar or big hearty pub, check up on them to see if they’re starting to home deliver booze and other trimmings, and absolutely support them where you can.

Hell, turn your backyard/courtyard/balcony into a beer garden while you’re at it. Gotta do something to quell the yearning for a pint at the pub, right?

Oh and if you’re in Melbourne, the liquor laws are different anyway but places like Everleigh Bottling Co. are starting to make “medicinal cocktails” (read: not prescribed by a doctor, but advised by…me) including the Modern-Day Penicillin with lots of scotch, fresh lemon, honey, and fresh ginger, and the Medicina Latina, made with mezcal, tequila, honey, ginger, and lime. That’ll cure what ails ya, or at least take the edge off.

Image: Universal Pictures