It seems no matter what we do or how cooked our housing market gets, the grim spectre of the avocado on toast will hang over Gen Y forever. What once was merely a quasi-indulgent Saturday brunch is now an eternal symbol of millennial decadence in the face of a struggling global economy and shaky housing market.

But know this: even if you do manage to buy a property, you can reclaim all those lost avos on toast you apparently deprive yourself of in order to get your foot in the door. Behold, the property listing for townhouses in Sherwood, Brisbane.



Yep. Starting at a cool $595,000, you can buy smart, modern suburban townhouses which come with a years’ supply of weekly avo on toast – which you presumably eat while pondering on how much better your spending habits were than the rest of your generation. Or maybe you’re a boomer, and you can eat it while, I dunno, complaining about selfies and how Gen Y doesn’t work hard.

No Shit, These QLD Apartments Come W/ Free Avo Toast For A Year

Affordable house alternative, these brand new 2 or 3 bedroom Townhomes are nestled in a premier street of blue ribbon suburb, Sherwood. Enjoy the local coffee trail and discover Gas Espresso, Three Girls Skipping, Annana’s, Goodness Gracious – to name a few, and to help with the budget we are including 12 months free avocado on toast once a weekend at your favourite café.

We reached out to Ray White Sherwood to see what the deal was, and they confirmed its very real. You pick one of the local cafes, and the real estate agents will hash out a deal to make sure you get your years worth of delicious avo on toast.

It’s one per person buying. So if you enter into some kind of purchasing conglomerate with one hundred other mates, you could potentially bankrupt the real estate agency. I stress that the ensuing squabbles over ownership and residency of the townhouse will probably not be worth it, though.

Check out the listing here.

Source: Domain.

Photo: Getty Images.