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PEDESTRIAN.TV have partnered with Nexba to bring you a refreshing bev that'll blow your damn tastebuds away.

If you consider yourself a ~connoisseur~ of tasty bevvies, you’ll be keen to hear that fizzy drink trailblazers Nexba are launching Australia’s first probiotic soft drinks. We even reckon the CEO of No Fizzy Drinks would be keen to get on these cans.

These bad boys come in two tasty flavours: a classic cherry cola and a fruity pineapple. Remember when you were a kid and you’d get a soft drink as a special treat, so it tasted extra nice? Sipping on one of these fizzy fellas is a nice throwback to those good times. Except this time, you can avoid the headache of sugar rush because these drinks are naturally sugar-free.

If you’ve been missing the great feeling of downing a cold soft drink on a hot summer’s day while at the beach or a mate’s BBQ, these drinks will hit the spot.

Nexba Now Have Sugar-Free Probiotic Soft Drinks So You Can Fizz Off Without Stacking It On

Not only do they taste bloody great, compared to other drinks you’ll find in the soft drink aisle, Nexba’s are actually good for you.

You won’t feel guilty for chugging them down because you’ll actually be doing yourself a favour. Mate, what more could you ask for?

Since they’re probiotic, each can is chocked full of one billion good bacteria. Drinking them will help improve your gut health, so get one down your gob ASAP. What, do you hate your guts or something?

Nexba’s soft drinks are also naturally sugar-free, which means that they’re actually sugar-free, instead of the usual soft drink schtick of replacing sugar with an artificial sweetener, which isn’t actually a healthier option.

Nexba Now Have Sugar-Free Probiotic Soft Drinks So You Can Fizz Off Without Stacking It On

If you’ve been looking to toss a few dollars to support Australian-owned companies, Nexba are 100% locally owned and made. It was started by two blokes in their early twenties, Troy and Drew, who would sell their drinks from the back of a van in Bondi Beach. And look at them now. Bloody good on ya, boys.

They also use a minimum of 95% Australian ingredients, so when you do one of those soft drink burps that burns up your nostrils, you can feel proud that you’re supporting home-grown talent.

Those Aussie ingredients are also all natural and help the drinks to still taste sweet. So, unlike the sugar-free versions of other soft drinks, they won’t taste like a tall glass of bin juice. 

Nexba Now Have Sugar-Free Probiotic Soft Drinks So You Can Fizz Off Without Stacking It On

You can get your hands on a frosty can from the soft drink aisle at your local Coles, or you can order them from Coles Online. Crank up a stream of Coles Radio to get the full experience.

If soft drinks aren’t your thing, Nexba have plenty of other naturally sugar-free drinks on offer, including tonic waters, iced tea and kombuchas, so you can still have yourself a healthy beveragino.

I’ve used the tonics as mixers to make myself a few sneaky gins in the past, and they’re not half bad. And considering everything that’s been going on, we could all do with a good drink.

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