THERE IS A GOD: Krispy Kreme Have Just Unleashed A New Range Of Epic Shakes

Okay, please doughnut lose your shit, but we can confirm that new Krispy Kreme shakes have just dropped today.

Yep, just when you thought things couldn’t get any more hectic from this international purveyor of deliciousness, they’ve gone and upped the ante on all of our summers. The new Krispy Kreme shakes are called aptly called Kreme Shakes, a range made up of three flavours in total.

Most notable of the flavours is the Original Glazed, which is literally made with actual pieces of its iconic Original Glazed doughnut (nope, we’re not joking) – making it the most innovative food item to be introduced to our lives since sliced bread.

new krispy kreme shakes
Image: Krispy Kreme

This bad boy is made with an entire doughnut, blended in with vanilla ice cream, then topped with whipped cream and more doughnut. In short, it’s a doughnut you can drink – a world-first move for the franchise. Heaven truly is a place on earth, ain’t it?

The other equally delicious flavours are Kookies ‘N Kreme and Choc Honeycomb. We’re sure you’re smart enough to suss what they’re all about.

new Krispy Kreme shakes
Image: Krispy Kreme

These products are nek-level counterparts to an already off-bone dessert menu provided by these guys – with ice cream sliders, sundaes and more having been available for a while now. We literally went into one today for a road test on our Instagram story. Watch the video below to see just how ridic they are.

What are you looking at money wise? The regular sized option costs $6.95, and large $7.95 (which is pretty reasonable given that you’re pretty much getting two desserts in one).

Oh, silly us. Did we forget to mention that the new Krispy Kreme shakes WILL BE AVAILABLE ON UBEREATS ON JAN 16?!




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