PEDESTRIAN.TV had partnered with Doritos to celebrate the launch of Doritos Collide – a limited-edition range of nek-level flavour combos. Grab yourself a pack of 'Hot Wings & Ranch' or 'Sweet Chilli & Lime' (or both) when they drop in Jan.

Looks like Christmas has come early, folks. Yep, there’s new Doritos flavours on their way – and having tried them ourselves, we’re stoked to confirm that they’re bloody off bone.

Y’know when a good flavour collides with another good flavour and it causes your mouth to keel over in pleasure? That’s the exact thinking that went into conceptualising these new Doritos flavours which would eventually culminate into the Doritos Collide range. #Science.

The first member of the Doritos Collide range is Hot Wings & Ranch.

new Doritos flavours
Image: Doritos / Supplied

This unholy collision of flavours has been a dynamic duo for yonks and we’re eternally grateful it’s been captured in a baggable form. Yes, the heat and spice of hot wings combining with the cooling tang of ranch is certainly something to write home about. Get ready for ‘em because your house party snack offering will never be the same again.

The second of the new Doritos flavours is Sweet Chilli & Lime.

new Doritos flavours
Image: Doritos / Supplied

Equally as innovative and drool-inducing, there’s a solid chance your regular gauc consumption is going to reach new heights of enjoyable. And how could it not with the mildly spicy sweet chilli infusing with the rich tang of lime to create the ultimate flavour sensation?

Both flavours will be available in 150g packs so you can spread the delicious joy, and Hot Wings & Ranch will also be available in 80g packs (the perfect size for solo, Netflix-bingeing consumption).

Thankfully, you won’t have to wait long to get your mittens on these new Doritos flavours – they’ll be available in Coles, independent retailers and petrol stations/convenience stores from January 1st and Woolworths from February 26th, 2018.

It really is a Christmas miracle, ain’t it?