YASS: A New Kind Of Avocado That’s Said To Be Tastier Than Hass Is Hitting Aussie Shops

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In very good news for toasts and piles of nachos across the country, a new kind of avocado is apparently hitting fresh produce sections across Australia from October. It’s called the ‘Delcado’ and it’s apparently been 30 years in the making (growing?).

Friends, this is big news for avocado lovers, and it’s important we learn immediately where it sits on the avocado scale – is it as good as the mighty Hass, or is it rubbery and useless like the Shepard? (I hate them. I hate them so much.)

The Delcado is the brainchild of the Delroy farming family over in Western Australia, who have spent the last three decades growing a specific kind of Hass avocado that they swear tastes better than the beloved creamy fave.

The Pemberton-based family reckons these Delcado avocados are superior for a litany of reasons, For one, each of the Delroy-approved fruits are X-rayed for blemishes and bruising so none of them are sent out with browned flesh, and the bad boys are even photographed and scanned a bunch of times before being selected as a top-tier snack.

At first, I was worried that all the avocados that don’t make the cut might have been yeeted out of there like an empty post-mix Coke, but apparently they’re graded properly before being supplied to cafes, weekend farmers markets, or used on the WA farm.

But the question still remains: are they actually better than the bog-standard Hass avocado?

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According to the Delcado website, the perfected flavour of these new kinds of avos come from them being matured on the tree for much longer than your bog-standard guac-maker (which don’t ripen until they’re picked anyway). These newcomer avocados also have their oil content checked every day before they’re picked to make sure the flavour is just right.

If they’re actually just as good as the Hass avocado, I’m very excited because these new fruits are in season between October and February. Which means these premium bois would fill that important gap between local Hass seasons, before the wretched Shepards make their unwanted yearly appearance.

The only logical response to this discovery is that I need to try these new avocados and report back. It must be done.