We’re all in isolation, but that doesn’t mean you need to succumb to eating gross instant, packet mix soup. And that’s the exact hill that YouTuber Nat’s What I Reckon is willing to die on.

In a video posted to Facebook, part of a primo series of cooking vids, the comedian basically said “fuck you” to the typical packet-mix soup we’re all living off at this point in time, offering a simple potato and leek soup as an alternative.

“Some things just need to get in the bin,” he captioned the now-viral video.

The video, which has surpassed a million views in less than 10 hours, is the latest instalment in the comedian’s collection of quarantine recipe videos.

Nats’ “Sin Bin Soup” is apparently superior to the packet soup, that he asserts “should be thrown away.” Honestly, this is a fair call considering that real soup is soup-er easy to make and tastes approximately 7 million times better than the powdered stuff.

After explaining that you must wash your leek unless you want to eat literal dirt, he talks you through the remainder of the recipe in terms that are so simple that even the most incompetent chefs could follow it.

“You can use any stock you like. As long as it’s not rainbow lorikeet stock it’ll probably work,” he said.

“One thing I’ve found is that soup generally doesn’t taste good with burnt shit in it, so don’t burn it.”

Basically, Nats’ goal with this video series is to teach us all how to be functioning human beings who can cook a decent soup and stop living off processed shit that he know’s we’re sustaining ourselves on in isolation.

If soup doesn’t quite tickle your fancy, he’s also got recipes for Quarantine Spirit Risotto, Carbo-Rona Sauce and Quarantine Sauce to help you reach Masterchef status by the time we’re allowed to go to the pub again.

This is the prime content we need to get through the coronavirus lockdown. Simple, educational and funny. What more could you possibly need? Other than maybe a bowl of potato and leek soup.