Aussie YouTube chef and all-round lose unit Nat’s What I Reckon just dropped a video featuring none other than Machine Gun Kelly, teaching the rapper the art of poaching the perfect egg.

Nat’s exploded to become one of the country’s biggest iso cooking stars, so it’s only fitting that linked up with MGK through the magic of Zoom.

However, there was a twist. MGK covered his laptop screen, meaning Nat could only give spoken, step-by-step instructions on how to make the Aussiest of brunches: a poached egg and smashed avo on toast.

Because of this, the two weren’t able to do even the simplist of things, like confirming whether or not MGK’s vinegar was actually vinegar and not bleach or something.

“Maybe you wanna check that, make sure you can eat that shit, I don’t wanna fucken kill ya,” Nat told him.

Among other things, the boys chatted tomato sauce, The Brave Little Toaster and Corey Worthington.

In the end, MGK did a pretty decent job, but he needed to whack way more avo on that toast and crack a bit of salt and pepper too.

And because he couldn’t see Nat onscreen, he didn’t quite know what to do with this Aussie delicacy, even suggesting to add another slice of bread to make a poached egg sandwich. Risky stuff.

Aussie Kitchen Beast ‘Nat’s What I Reckon’ Just Introduced Machine Gun Kelly To Poached Eggs
Bone app the teeth.

When he finally figured out how to eat it with a knife and fork and not, y’know, his hands, MGK actually loved it.

“Damn homie, this crazy, this is probably the first dish in my 30 years of life on Earth that I’ve like actually liked,” he said.

“It was fucking eggcellent.”


Image: YouTube / Nat's What I Reckon