Happy Friday, and happy winter, and also happy National Doughnut Day. Yep, there’s truly a day for everything and today is no different. The best thing about today is that you can eat as many tasty doughnuts as you like and nobody can get mad at you. Nope, not even your personal trainer. I’ve given you the all-clear to shove a metric shit-tonne of doughnuts into your face hole with absolutely no consequence whatsoever.

Without further ado, here are all the spots where you can nab free* doughnuts all day today, so best to get stocking up on coffee and tea and everything you need to work those bad boys down.

* ok maybe not free but so extremely cheap they may as well be free.

Krispy Kreme

Of course the lords of the glaze are slinging free doughnuts today. Not just ~free doughnuts~ but 50,000 perfectly-glazed original dough rings for absolutely no clams. All you gotta do is go into a Krispy Kreme store and scream “OI GIVVUS A BLOODY DOUGHIE MATE” and they’re contractually obliged to give you one. Ok maybe be a bit nicer and use your inside voice.

This is not a dream. #krispykremeaustralia #originalglazed #doughnuts #donuts

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Deliveroo X Loukoumades

In Sydney and Melbourne today you can score yourself some painfully cheap Greek doughnuts from Loukoumades and Lukumades.

They’re slinging those delicious bad boys for 1c each (yes ONE CENT DOUGHIES) via the Deliveroo app from 3pm in Syd and 6pm in Melb. So fix yourself up with that Friday arvo slump (or sneak some post-dinner treats) with some delicious fried dough circles, my good dudes.

Oasis Bakery

Now Melbourne, don’t you go telling me that Sydney gets everything because hot damn you get some mad spoils today from the shimmering mirage on the sunset covered in doughnuts – yep, it’s Oasis Bakery.

I’ve not got a huge expertise in Melb pastries but my Victorian expat colleague Lucinda tells me that Oasis is like the holy grail of Melb sweet yums.

They’re giving away 10,000 of these scrumptious jam and nutella-filled bad boys so grab a piping hot coffee and scoff down one (1) freebie this morning, I know it’s cold down there today.

Shortstop Coffee & Doughnuts

The sweet angels at Shortstop Coffee & Doughnuts in both Barangaroo and Melbourne are slinging 3000 of their reg doughies, and then on top of that another 700 Cinnamon Cake Doughnuts.

Sweet mother of God, Jesus take the wheel.


Can confirm that Butter in Surry Hills and Parramatta do cinnamon doughnuts so perfectly that they ripped me straight back to the Mollymook beachside markets on a Saturday, where you’d buy hot and fresh cinnamon doughnuts from the stall and burn your mouth on it immediately.

They’re slinging 100 doughies out of their Sydney stores today so get in quick because these will absolutely GO.

There’s always room for dessert! Our famous cinnamon donuts are OUT OF THIS WORLD!

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Nutie Doughnuts

Fancy a side of beefcake with your morning doughnut? Balmain‘s Nutie Doughnuts are sending you a very special delivery man with every two dozen of doughnuts ordered in the Sydney CBD. All you gotta do is make an order, get that free delivery, and play their Hottie Or Not(tie) Roulette, and you could be getting your semi-responsible sweet treats hand-delivered by hunky boys from GWS Giants, or a courier with a ~dad bod~. We’ll leave it up to you on who the hottie is here, different strokes etc.

Keep your eyes out for those perfectly-rounded doughy treats today friends, and make sure you’re all stocked up for the day’s celebrations.

Brb, eating all the doughnuts with zero repercussions.

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