Look there’s not much better out there than a good M&M when you’re wanting to snack away while watching a movie, or bingeing another 4 seasons of The Office on a Saturday afternoon. Truly nothing. Remember those Mini M&M’s that you’d get in the tube? Man, they were great.

They’re all good, not a bad M amongst them. Peanut? Beaut. Normal ones? Hell yeah. Crispy? Now yer talkin’. But a new challenger approaches today and folks, it’s bloody CARAMEL ones.

I’m talking like gooey caramel on the inside, milky chocolate mantle and a colourful hard outer shell. If there’s ever been a candy I’ve looked at and whispered “wow, it’s me” then it’s 1000% Caramel M&M’s.

The best thing to do with literally anything with a gooey caramel centre? Chuck those bad boys in the fridge so the caramel goes from a molten mess to a crunchy little nugget of pure joy. Fucken hell yes mates this is the best lolly news that’s happened in the last like, year.

Add the caramel M&M’s to the bags where you have all the varieties, please. I need to have the flavour party of eating a crispy one, a peanut one, and a caramel one at the same time. I’m bloody drooling just thinking about it.

You can grab yourself a bag (or five) for “sharing” from all the supermarkets where you usually stock up on the moreish little suckers.

Image: M&M's / Mars