God Tier Carb Potato Smiles Have Returned If You’re In Dire Need Of A Crunchy Serotonin Hit

potato smiles mini snacks coles woolworths

It’s been a long-ass minute but the best potato snack has returned to the freezer section at the shops – potato smiles. This year suddenly just went from bit shit to king shit.

Like a golden beacon of light shimmering through the darkness, the smiling little rounds of fluffy potato with a crunchy outer layer have slid back into supermarkets and straight back into my heart.

Potato smiles – the perfect smack of serotonin delivered through carbs – were ruthlessly discontinued years ago, leaving a perfectly circular void in my life and my heart. Every time I found myself in the frozen food section of a supermarket, I’d scan the chippie section for those tasty rounds of potato, and every time I’d leave a little more downtrodden.

mccain potato smiles frozen snack
Missed you :)))

But now, the smiles have returned: both to the freezers at the shops and to my silly little face.

McCain (the purveyors of the happy little yums) returned the starchy grins to shops recently, but with a slight change – they’re bite sized now. And look, I’ll take it.

A range of potato smile-esque snacks did come out during 2020, the Potato Emoticons, but it wasn’t the same. That combined with the fact we were in the thick of pandemic lockdowns and a collective traumatic event kinda just felt like chippy salt in the wound.

There was an opportunity to bring back those golden little happy faces that stared and smiled into the void, generally quite amused and pleased at everything no matter what the hell was happening in the world, and yet we were given… carb-laden emoticons.

But now, the redeemer. Those beloved little stoked faces of golden, crispy potato have returned, and you can absolutely go grab a bag right now if you wanted to.

A bag of the little happy lads will set you back $4.30 for half a kilo at Woolies (or currently a bit cheaper at Coles), and that’s a bloody good deal for a bag of serotonin, if you ask me.