Somebody Created A Recipe For Milo-Flavoured Mochi, So Give Them A Fkn Nobel Prize Already

milo mochi

Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdown, we’ve all had way more time to pick up hobbies like baking, and spending endless hours scrolling through TikTok. And thanks to TikTok user @cakebyjustin, you can now try your hand at Milo-flavoured mochi.

If you’ve never tried mochi before, you’re truly missing out. It’s a Japanese rice cake and it’s bloody delicious. But do you know what makes everything taste 100x better? Milo.

We usually enjoy the delicious chocolate-flavoured sand as a milky beverage or sprinkled on top of ice-cream. But if you’re keen to spice up your iso-baking, it turns out you can also add it to mochi for an Australian-Japanese fusion dessert.

In his mouth-watering TikTok, Justin talks you through the recipe, which includes a creamy Milo filling wrapped in the traditional rice cake.

@cakebyjustinThank you @audreysaurus for inspiring this recipe! ##mochi ##milo ##dessert ##baking RECIPE DETAILS IN DESCRIPTION

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Although the video doesn’t give specific measurements, Justin has since added the information to the comments section if you’re keen to try it at home.

The MILO cream recipe is : 1 cup cream, 1/2 cup milo, 1 tbsp Sugar and 1 tsp vanilla

For the mochi dough: 200g glutenous rice flour, 100g sugar and 360ml water + brown food colour

Justin also noted that you need to buy *glutenous* rice flour, which is usually found in the asian grocery aisle (or your local asian grocer), as opposed to standard rice flour (which won’t work).

We’ve seen a Caramilk take on almost every recipe known to man at this point, but Milo simply doesn’t get the recognition it deserves.

The world needs more Milo-flavoured desserts, and thanks to @cakebyjustin, we’re one step closer to Milo world domination.

Long live the delicious chocolate sand.