10-Minute Grocery Delivery Service MILKRUN Has Launched In Melbs So Bye-Bye, Supermarket Queues

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

If you’re someone who doesn’t love carving out their precious spare time doing a big weekly shop at a supermarket only to throw out a bunch of food that fell into the cold, dark crevices of your fridge a week later, then I’ve got good news.

Up until today, MILKRUN had only been available to Sydney users, but Melbourne’s time has finally come. MILKRUN has just announced that it’s launching in some parts of Melbourne as soon as today (yiew). The service will kick off around the South Yarra and Prahan area, but new suburbs are expected to be added to the app within weeks.

To make the news even sweeter, MILKRUN has made a pledge to not contribute to the gig economy and provides secure employment to its riders, meaning they have access to entitlements like sick leave and insurance. A much-needed shift in an often exploited industry.

So, if you’re an avid fan of other people doing the shopping for you, MILKRUN will be your new best friend when you need to quickly conjure up some locally-sourced veggies for that dinner party with the inlaws you completely forgot about.

Truly, there isn’t an item you’ll need that can’t be found on the app. Ramen? Check. Eggplant? Check. Eggs? You get the gist.

The MILKRUN app is available to download now from the App Store and Google Play Store here.