You Can Now Get Mi Goreng-Flavoured Condoms In Indonesia & Noodles Never Tasted So Good

Mi goreng condoms

No-one can deny that mi goreng tastes orgasmic. And now, thanks to these new condoms, your orgasms can taste like mi goreng, too.

Indonesian condom brand Fiesta has apparently launched a bunch of new flavours, and one of them is none other than the world’s favourite noodles. Conveniently, even the packet resembles the very same Indomie design we all salivate over like Pavlov’s dogs.

So now you can slob on a knob and satisfy those ever-present cravings for noods at the same time.

“Discover the sensation of love-making with the distinct taste of Indonesian spices,” the caption read.

As if they didn’t already tap into our universal lust for mi goreng (and dick), the caption continued: “One is not enough, two is still insufficient.”

Y’know, because everyone scoffs a single packet of Indomie noodles so easily. Get your heads out of the gutter.

Local website Coconuts Jakarta isn’t sure whether the mi goreng-flavoured dick wrappers are the real deal or just an early April Fool’s prank, but sometimes ignorance is but delicious bliss.

However, the Malay Mail reports that the spicy dommies were in fact briefly available at online retailers before selling out like hotcakes.

While Fiesta’s official website lists durian and “energy drink” (which looks suspiciously like Red Bull) as available condom flavours, among others, it doesn’t include mi goreng, iced coffee or spicy cimol, all of which were announced in the last couple of days.

Or at least, not yet, anyway.

So perhaps they’re a limited edition treat, in which case, massive props to the first person in Australia who can manage get their hands on a box.