Messina Is Selling Giant Sticky Snail Pastries RN & We’re Escargoin’ Straight To Checkout

After a huge couple of months selling cookie pies to bake at home, Gelato Messina has moved on to another pastry treat for treat-lovers to pop in the oven and snack on with a generous helping of our favourite gelato. This time it’s the Sticky Snail, and it’s ready for ordering right now.

Quite possibly more indulgent and perfect for winter nights than the delicious cookie pies, the Messina Sticky Snail is a big, round coil of brioche dough filled with chocolate cops, vanilla custard, and a malted caramel sauce.

The limited-edition bake-at-home treat looks bloody wild, and it’s 100% making me salivate. Look at this thing. Hooly dooly.

messina sticky snail

I haven’t ever had escargot before but I can tell you that I’d definitely eat this dessert snail before eating any other snails, that’s for sure.

The Messina Sticky Snail apparently serves 4-6 people (that’s a challenge I – a lone woman – am willing to accept) and are now on preorder on the Messina website. You can order one right now as a Monday treat for future-you to pick up and scoff down from Friday, July 3rd from all stores except for Coolangatta and The Star.

Gooey, custardy snails go for $20 on their own, or you can add some Messina gelato flavs to it, with bundles starting to $28 for a 500ml tub. Apparently the bog-standard French Vanilla goes well with this fluffy escargot, but you can bet your sweet ass I reckon the Coffee would go down a treat.

Move quick, there are apparently under 100 left for sale. I’m panicking! Race you to checkout!